Shapes of Things to Come – Chapter 2

That was about the time they had stopped speaking. That was about the time Brody had stopped changing her face so much, but she had never told her brother all that.

When they pulled into the diner, Brody took a few moments to leave. “It’s been a while since I’ve done this,” she finally admitted. Adam shrugged. “Do you remember the first time we did this? Back at Rowanthrop’s place?”
Brody gave a slight nod, but she was staring into space, and Adam couldn’t be too entirely certain that she heard him. But then she opened the car door and stepped out into the parking lot. When he looked back in his rear view mirror, he no longer his sister; instead, he was greeted with the vision of a larger woman with black hair putting her work cap on top of her head.

He sat in the car for a few minutes before deciding to go in, as well. He wanted to see this. This was almost like old times, really.